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Seafood - Produits de la mer

Frozen raw sea water shrimps and shrimps tails

We offer for export all year long from Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Vietnam raw frozen sea water shrimps and sea shrimps tails (Penaeus vannamei and Peaneus monodon / Black Tiger)

Raw whole sea shrimps HOSO (Head On Shell On) in 2 kg blocks in 20 kg master cartons or IQF in 20kg master cartons.

Raw frozen sea shrimps and sea shrimps tails HLSO (headless shell on) in 2 kg blocks

Minimum order for the European Union: 1 Euro pallet (about 700kg)
Minimum order outside of the European Union: 1 FCL (22/24MT)

Shrimps & shrimps tails sizes and conversion table

Peaneus monodon 6/8
Penaeus vannamei 30/40
Peaneus monodon
Penaeus vannamei 30/40

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