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Seafood - Produits de la mer

Fresh scallops and frozen scallops from Chile


Frozen Argopecten Purpuratus

1.- The product: Scallops

A fine delicacy sea food product, highly regarded by those who love delicious foods and gourmet sea food.

2.- Packing:

SeaPerfect preprinted bags of 400 grs, 500 grs, and 1 kg, packed in 10 kgs, master carton box for export.

Possible to pack in 10 kgs bulk per master box of 10 kgs.

Calibers: 10/20, 20/30, 30/40 and 40/50 with coral. Without coral there is a smaller supply.

The product maybe supplied with private label at customer's convenience.

Scallops are also available halve shell, IQF in boxes containing 12 dozens each, that is 144 Scallops per box. Offer with or without coral . Halve shell IQF


By sea FCL 20' or 40' depending the type of containers availability, equals to 9,200 or 22,400 kg respectively.

For the case of the halve shell product programs to 920 boxes, size 12x12 or 2240 boxes.

For airfreight requirements, we suggest shipments 500 kg, or more in order to negotiate better airfreight prices.

Product availability
All year around but there is a dependence on the periodic birth rate.

Fresh scallops

Airway delivery with a guaranteed shelf life of 12 days from arrival date.
Consult us.

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