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Api seafood and foodstuffs network

API Sprl: importers, exporters, distributors and wholesalers of seafood and frozen products

Our general manager was for years multi-purpose fishing vessels and pelagic trawlers commanding officer worldwide. With an export office in Brussels API Network is for many years an importer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler of seafood and frozen products.

We supply European markets as well overseas customers directly from our suppliers and partners in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

All our products are CE and FDA sanitary approval.

We have a large network of suppliers and partners in many countries and we can meet most of customers needs.

Seafood products examples

Chile salmon filets and whole HG salmo salar

Chile Salmo salar blocks
Salmon frozen bit and pieces blocks & small pieces blocks

Whole HGT swordfish, swordfish loins and swordfish portions, Xiphias gladius

Chile IQF Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus Eleginoides

Chile IQF oilfish fillets, Lepidocibyum Flavobrunneum

Chile frozen whole mackerel and filets

Chile and Peru IQF horse mackerel

Chile jumbo flying squids Dosidicus Gigas

Chile frozen octopus

Chile fresh and frozen scallops

Chile frozen mussels and Tawera gayi clams

Chile abalones and Tumbao clams

Chile IQF cooked White Crab claws, cancer edwardsii

Chile frozen surimi

Chile convenience food canned horse mackerel

South America raw frozen sea water shrimps & shrimps tails
Penaeus vannamei & Peaneus monodon / Black Tiger

Africa fish & by-products

Morocco canned sardines and mackerel

Madagascar frozen whole Octopus vulgaris

Senegal whole frozen octopus vulgaris and cuttlefish

Mauritania and Senegal horse mackerel, sardinellas, sardines: consult us

Morocco 62-65% protein fish meal: consult us

Asia fish & by-products

Frozen whole round tilapia and tilapia filets

Special offer of Thailand IQF whole round milkfish stored in France

We supply Vietnam 55%, 60% and 65% protein steam dried fishmeal


Mediterranean fresh Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)

North Sea ''Bacalau'' dried salted hake, Pollachius virens. Size: 28/30 pieces per 9kg carton.

Other food products

To satisfy our customers we offer some other food products from Belgium, China, Chile, Italy, France... Foodstuffs selection

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Seafood Processor Abbreviations

Obtaining Mauritania pelagic fishing licenses

Professional customers are welcome for any precise request of seafood from Africa, Europe, the Americas or Asia.